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Donna Bowling, Mastermind, Mindpower Inc.

I work with a very sophisticated tax program. No one could make it work with my other systems. The first time I met Derrick, he was able to figure it out in about 10 minutes. Late one night I got an email from one of my employees. She was working at home and having trouble opening a file. I wrote back that we must not have the right software and copied Derrick, so I wouldn't forget to call him the next day. Within a few minutes, I got a reply that it was done. It's like my car. I don't need to understand how it works. I just need it to work. Derrick has an ability a lot of technical people lack – the ability to speak in plain English. We've had other I.T. companies. We weren't satisfied. Human I.T. is big enough to manage anything we need. And they're small enough to understand how important it is for everyone in a company our size to stay up and running. After working with Human I.T. for several years, the owner of our company decided to try out an IT guy who had done some work for him at his house. Six months later, when our email server crashed, we found out he hadn't been making any backups. Human I.T. jumped right back in and worked around the clock to salvage our data. That's one mistake we'll never make again! I called Human I.T. in a bit of a panic. They pushed our schedule up, came in early, and stayed until the job was finished. They made sure we didn't shut down. Over the past four years, Human I.T. has gone so far beyond my expectations. If 10 is great, they're a 100! We didn't feel like the I.T. people we worked with before Human I.T. really listened to us. Sometimes, we even felt like we were being talked down to. But with Human I.T., I feel very comfortable and confident that all my issues are being handled. And while we're extremely dependent on them, for some reason, Derrick and Kristina never make me feel like a hostage. My last I.T. company charged us by the hour. We went through four or five techs who each had to figure out our system. I felt like we were wasting thousands of dollars. It was so expensive we'd try to fix things ourselves, which just caused more problems.

With Human I.T. you pay a flat fee, no matter what the problem is. And that includes weekly maintenance – done by the same person each time. The flat fee more than pays for itself in saved downtime, frustration, and repairs.

Plus, they're nice people. It's nice to work with nice people.
I was at an out-of-town conference, preparing to speak, and having a helluva time receiving a revised presentation via email. I called Derrick. He immediately returned my call. Walked me though an alternate way of sending and receiving large files. And didn't hang up until I got what I needed.

What happens with Human I.T. is that you'll like and trust them so much, they'll actually end up feeling like part of your staff – but without having to process payroll!